Business Automation

Automate to achieve! Scale up your business today with Tally ERP 9 powered by Orson. With our rich experience and expertise in handling projects for SMEs, we can ramp up your business capabilities quickly and cost-effectively.

Nathan, before founding Orson Automation in 1996, was Head of IT Infrastructure Services, Maruti Computers Limited, Chennai and with few other IT Service provides in different level of experience & expertise since 1990. After founding Orson he was most demanded IT expert to various Industries like Banking, Universities, Colleges, Manufactures, Auditors, etc., Because of his mix of expertise on Novell Netware, Microsoft Servers & Unix Servers with his component level technical knowledge on various devices from Mother board to Printer head.

Nathan was well known in South Indian IT Market as Raghunath, CEO of Orson, Orson was recognized by HCL as Support Net Partner, Business Partner by HP, IBM, CISCO and Microsoft.

He was a belief that “not to work always for Customer’s wants”, instead he preferred to “work for customer’s business needs” along with customer as problem solver and solution provider. In year 2000 there was a challenge in IT application industry for the Y2K issue. During that time he was diversified in software Industry in parallel of System Integrator and Infrastructure Solutions provider.

In 2005 Nathan was designed an Industrial PC which was approved and awarded  by ORBIS SYSTEMS OY, FINLAND  to supply his Industrial PCs in replacement of their existing vendor from Taiwan, for their Mobile Phone testing equipments. A significant amount of all mobile devices supplied globally are tested with Orbis Systems’ test equipment.

Parallelly in 2005 he has extended his global presence in Singapore and incorporated Orson Technologies  Pte Ltd with a partner and controlled remotely from India. But in two years he has found the partner is not aligned with his vision and ethics, so he has incorporated Orson Automation Pte Ltd.

Nathan is now more focusing and humbly saying practicing on Business Consultancy, develop Business Automation with strong team and helping businesses to build their Business Brand.

Nathan was born in June, 1974, happily married Shanthi and both got three charming Sons.  Shanthi holds Bachelor degree in Business Administration, active participant in Orson’s journey and her hobby is craft making, painting, gardening and playing carnatic instrument Veena. Their first son is pursuing his third year of Bachelor in Architect on his own interest to become leading Architect Professional, other two sons are pursuing their schooling.

Nathan was a School dropout from Ramakrishna Mission in the year 1989 and his further education was parallel with his ITI Course in Electronics and his career. Nathan holds his two Master degrees from Annamalai University on Public Administration and Business Administration. He is a Member of IIBA (International Institute of Business Analysis), Certified Business Functionalist & 5 Star Partner SS of Tally Solutions, Microsoft Certified Partner, Singapore Immigration Consultant and Certified Employment Agent of Ministry of Manpower, Singapore., Member of NASSCOM, Member of SICCI (Singapore Indian Chamber of Commerce & Industry) and Past District Chairperson of Lions Clubs International.

Nathan’s hobbies are puzzle solving, playing chess, and reading books, learn any new terminologies and technologies or simply meditate.

Nathan is so wondered still about this world and creation of this existence. Science & Spiritual seeker with joyfully. Follower of Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev since 2005 and active volunteer of Isha Foundation. Mr. Robin Sharma and Mr. Brendon Bruchad are his paid life time business coaches.  Still feeling young, eager to learn, to achieve and explore more and more.