Multi Brand Distributor Module

Multi Brand Distributor Module

Multi Brand Distributor Module

Distributors will have access to real-time information which enables them to take decisions on-the-go and thus optimizing their resources to manage demands effectively.


  • Smart and Scalable Support System for Distributor
    Orson acts as a decision support system at distributor point from where distributors can perform various activities such as Purchase Order Management, GRN Entry, Primary Sales Return, Claims View, Inventory Management etc. It not only helps distributors to automate lot of their regular activities, but also improves the response and decision making time for various sales processes involved.
  • Effective Transactions between Distributor and Retailer
    Orson provides an accurate and real-time information of entire distribution network which in turn helps the distributors to enhance efficiency and productivity. Various distributor activities such as Order to Invoice Conversion, Van-Sales Management, Invoice Management, Retailer Receipts Management etc. can be automated using Orson. It plays an effective role to reduce the turnaround time for various transactions to improve the sales processes laid down between distributor and retailer.
  • Claims Management
    With Orson solution, distributors can manage and handle claim related activities in a more efficient way. Distributors can manage Sales Return, Retailer Claims and Tax Calculations using Orson, which will lead to a hassle free business operations. With configurable claim rules, automated claim generation and flexible approval workflow, entire claim settlement cycle can be completed in a much shorter time duration.
  • Monitor and Control Trade Promotions (TPM)
    Schemes and Trade Promotions are probably the most important tool to push sales. Orson allows you to create schemes which will get integrated with our module to ensure transparency right at the retailer level. Schemes can be defined at any level of the product hierarchy and discounts can be managed either on sales value or on sales volume or on both. you can run various schemes on a daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly basis and the same can be accumulated and settled with invoices as and when required.
  • Efficient Inventory Management
    Module allows your distributors to efficiently manage inventory which is crucial to avoid any Stock Out and to reduce replenishment time. With automated Purchase Order generation beyond critical inventory level, you are always ready to meet the demands getting generated from the last point of your distribution channel.
  • Distributor Stock Management
    With solution you can manage inventory level at distributor point and the same will get synced. It helps your on-field sales team to be aware of distributor stock while taking order at the retailer outlet. This can be updated real time in SFA based on synchronization of the data from DMS. Module also has capability to manage stock transfer from distributor to its warehouse which ensures end-to-end stock management and helps in avoiding any possible stock out scenario.



“We Opto Systems (S) Pte. a leading supplier of premium medical systems, diagnostic and surgical products designed to serve the healthcare needs of people throughout the world. We were using UBS Software since 2002 for our business solution. In 2012, due to some limitation and performance issue we have decided to replace to any ERP Software. During that exercise we have found Orson Automation (S) Pte Ltd as Tally Partner, who have done Data migration from old software to Tally ERP 9 Software, and customized various documents we were used to and customized many reports as per our needs. We have signed Annual maintenance contract since then we are getting prompt and effective support then and there required. Orson team’s knowledge in Business Software automation and skill set is very useful and helpful for our organization’s IT growth. We appreciate Orson Team.”

Doulat Bhojwani, Opto Systems Pte Ltd

“Pan Asia Resources implemented ERP 9. We felt it’s a right decision as we could do consolidation of our branches located in several countries having multiple currencies. We were able to generate customized reports that are value adding to us. User friendly customization have enabled us to work faster and better. Orson has been very receptive in understanding our requirements and deliver them within the time frame. Good work!”

Satish Chandran Jayarama, Pan Asia Group

“We wish to place on record our appreciation for Orson Automation (S) Pte Ltd regarding implementation of the Tally ERP 9 package for our Company. We commenced training for all our staff for the Tally package around the 3rd Quarter of 2011 with good support from Orson Automation (S) Pte Ltd. We then had a smooth and successful migration of data from our old software to Tally ERP 9 in 2012. Around 2012 we commenced work for customization of Sales commission in close co-ordination with Orson Automation (S) Pte Ltd and this customization is now working well for us as it was specifically designed to suit our requirements. We feel quite happy in choosing Orson Automation (S) Pte Ltd in partnering us for a smooth and successful implementation of Tally ERP 9.”

M F Unwalla, Godrej (S) Pte Ltd
“We utilised the services of Orson Automation to design our website and search engine optimisation in 2014. Mr D Raghu Nathan is very proficient who understood our needs in a single meeting and provided us a detailed plan with a time line for implementation. He advised us on the content and graphics for a better layout and ease of navigation. The Orson team completed the development of our website and launched it as per the schedule. Mr Raghu Nathan’s experience and industry insights helped us to refine our content and today our site appears in the first page of Google search for products handled by us in Singapore. We thank Mr Raghu Nathan and his team for their professional advice and expertise at a very cost effective price. Thank you and wish you all the best”
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“Tally ERP 9 has been designed very thoughtfully and has been customized by ORSON AUTOMATION very efficiently. Initially the invoicing and processing of Shipping documents were done manually. But with the help of the customized Invoicing modules our shipping documentation requirements have been taken care by the click of a button. The more you use it, the more you find it flexible and user friendly. Even better part is the approach of its team members who are always willing to take suggestions from us and improve the software according to the individual business needs. Using the customized Tally ERP 9 for our Accounting and shipping documentation has been very fulfilling and satisfying.”
Sangeetha, Haresh Petrochem Singapore Pte Ltd



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Multi Brand Distributor Module
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Multi Brand Distributor Module
Distributors will have access to real-time information which enables them to take decisions on-the-go and thus optimizing their resources to manage demands effectively.
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